Let’s talk about Preparedness. (During Covid-19 Pandemic 2020 or any other crisis)

With all the uncertainty, I’d like to offer and discuss some ideas on how to be prepared in unexpected situations.

What does that look like? A little different for all of us! Some of us keep our own horses, some of us board out. Things we can all do to get through difficult times is to prepare necessities, feed, emergency supplies, pre-book appointments; such as farrier and veterinarians.

This will give us a good sense of organization, control and insight into the future.

Keep track of how much feed your horse is going through and know when you need to buy more. Pre-purchase before you run out or your local feed store has shipment interruptions. Is your horse working right now, or should their feed schedule be modified?

Take inventory of emergency supplies and medications. During these times it may be more difficult for your vet to get to you in a timely manner. Having supplies on hand to get you through an emergency will certainly offer you peace of mind.

Communicate with your boarding facility. Do you know what their Emergency Action Plan is? Do they have one? Appointments might have to be completed without you. What is their protocol for trimming, vetting and exercising your horse? These questions are ok to ask. We all love our barn managers, we trust them completely. The more we know, the less we stress.

Pre-booking your farrier and veterinarian appointments, when possible, helps you budget and look forward to knowing your horse(s) will be tended to in a timely manner. With all the uncertainties being financially prepared also contributes greatly to our peace of mind!

The more prepared we are, the less we have to worry about the unknown. We can not predict every scenario, but we can do our best to be ready and create situations that are manageable and that we area able to look forward to!

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