Who me? Yes, YOU!

Who me? YES YOU!

A lot of us tend to get caught up very quickly in the hustle-bustle of everyday life. We are working, raising children, supporting communities and not to mention fitting in some horse time whenever we can!

During unprecedented times, such as Covid-19 Pandemic 2020, it is critical to remember to practice self-care.  You may think, who me? YES YOU!  It is important to stop and take a few moments for yourself, even if its just 5 more minutes in the shower, practicing deep breathing, or opening the windows to let some fresh air in!

My first recommendation in my self-care series is  to utilize all this time off and  get lost in a book or two!  One of my all-time favorite authors is Dick Francis, who has written an incredible series of non-sequential novels, taking you through incredible equestrian crimes, leaving you curious, enthralled and unable to put the books down! (Yes BOOKS, I own ALL of them and have started collecting the series his son Felix Francis has continued).  What an outstanding way to give your mind a break from the stresses and unfamiliar territory we are all standing in!

We can not travel or socialize, so why not take an adventure through foreign lands, new experiences and incorporate our favorite animals, all the while giving ourselves that much needed distraction and self-care that is so desperately needed!

Reading opens your mind to creativity and curiosity! It may spike your interest in trying something new, or help you get back to tasks you felt were way too daunting to tackle!  Revamp your mind by taking some time for you, because your mental and emotional health must stay intact in order for you to be able to support all of life’s difficult demands!

I’d love to hear about your favorite books and authors!

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