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Canine First Aid

The most comprehensive course available! You will learn from the top canine first aid instructors in North America: We teach prevention – like knowing which household plants are toxic to your dog and what people medicines they can NEVER have. We cover basic nutrition, exercise and dental care needs, we teach you about digestive emergencies and how to deal with them, You get to practice making your own Elizabethan collar and emergency muzzle (even the most docile dogs can act aggressively when they’re injured or scared). We teach you how to handle the scary stuff, like your dogs heart stops, they have something lodged in their throat and can’t breathe, they’ve gotten into poison, or have had a terrible accident and needs to be stabilized for safe transport to the Vet. You will learn and practice a number of different hands-on scenarios – so when an emergency happens muscle memory kicks in and you’ll be able to help your dog in their moment of need. We do everything with your safety in mind, and you’ll take home a 130 page health and first aid quick reference manual. You earn your paper certificate as well as your wallet CPR card – so you can help any dog in distress!! Hands-on, 7 hour course – $149


ONLINE: Canine Fundamentals

ONLINE TRAINING We want to reach all dog owners and know some of you cannot attend an in-person class due to remote locations, international students, and students who are under Covid restrictions. With the half-day fundamentals program, you will learn via live-stream interactive video. Your instructor will take you through all the essentials – from health and prevention, to bandaging and stabilizing, to poisons, household dangers and more. You can learn from the comfort of your own home, and know that you have the skills to help your dog in an emergency. Half-day – online – $79


I Can Help – Dog Safety and First Aid for Kids

Do you have a dog-crazy kiddo who would love to learn how to better care for their furry friend? Our hands on dog safety and first aid for kids is a 3-hour class where kids learn safety around dogs, dog body language, basic food, water, exercise and grooming needs, how to recognize when the dog isn’t feeling well, how to bandage a paw, head and leg, and what to have in their first aid kit. They receive a child-friendly booklet with puzzles and coloring pages, as well as a recipe for homemade doggy chicken and rice biscuits. Hands-on – 3 hours – $59


ONLINE THEORY COURSE: Equine Health and Emergency First Aid

Please join us at a live and interactive video training course with one of our certified instructors! You can ask questions, make comments and get into specifics around your own horses while you learn about first aid priorities of action, how to take vital signs and recognize when something isn’t right, basic bandaging and building a temporary boot – (live demonstration), recognition of and early intervention for colic, choke, COPD (ROA), collapse, shock and more. Your instructor will guide you through the identification of common hoof ailments and diseases, and your 2-3 hour class (depending on questions) will finish out with all your questions, as well as a discussion on what you will do HANDS ON in part 2 of the course, to be taken when isolation lifted and its safe to congregate together again. (based on provincial health guidelines – please check your region) The online section of the course is only $79.50, includes your first aid manual delivered right to your house, your 3-hour course live and interactive with a certified instructor, AND a portion of all course proceeds will go toward our ‘feeding the furries’ – a program we run for all animals through our Canine Health Canada site ( You get to learn – so you can be prepared to help your horse in an emergency. Our instructors, who are all small business owners have an opportunity to teach, AND you can feel great knowing you’re helping to support fellow animal owners who might be having trouble feeding their furries due to work, illness or injury. We are all in this together.


Equine Health and Emergency First Aid

Our most comprehensive course! One day course covering what your vet needs to know, conditioning horse to accept treatment, taking vitals, dealing with lacerations, punctures, colic, choke, collapse, casting, shock, hoof issues, spinal health, prevention and more!


Advanced Equine First Aid

One day highly advanced equine emergency first aid course, learn what to do in the most extreme situations! Covers lacerations, poison, burns, bites, fractures, sucking chest wounds and more!


advanced wilderness

Advanced Wilderness Equine First Aid

A wilderness version of the above – this one day, highly advanced equine emergency first aid course is for the adventurous outdoor rider. With a camping and stitching component, this also covers everything including trapped horses, poison, burns and bites, hypo/hyperthermia, tie ups, fractures and sucking chest wounds, this course prepares the student to handle the most serious injuries, where without human intervention the horse will not survive. $159


Equine First Aid Fundamentals (ages 10 and up)

Half day, fast paced clinic covering the fundamentals of first aid. Hands on with horses, vital signs, pain detection, colic, bandaging and more!


I Can Help! Horse First Aid for Kids (ages 5 – 10)

For horse crazy youngsters! 3 hour kids program learning horse safety and basic first aid in a fun and hands on environment!


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