Hoof Beats Equine First Aid offers a range of services to help you gain the skills and confidence you need to react to emergency situations. Enroll today in one of our many comprehensive courses. For the life and love of the horse!

We also offer Canine First Aid certificate courses through our Canine Health Canada certified instructor. For the life and love of the dog!

Receipt of payment confirms your spot on the course. CANCELLATION POLICY: In the event of cancellation by instructor a full refund will be issued. In the event a student needs to cancel refunds will only be issued 14 days prior to the course date. After 14 days NO REFUNDS will be issued. Alternate course dates will be offered at the discretion of the instructor, up to two times. Refunds will not be offered if you have not been able to attend alternate courses.


Our most comprehensive course, covering what your vet needs to know! Horse conditioning strategies, vitals, injuries and wounds. Receive a certificate upon successful completion of this course!


Advanced Equine First Aid & Advanced Wilderness First Aid educates participants in the most extreme situations! Includes, lacerations, poison, burns and bites. Receive a certificate upon successful completion of this course!


Our half day and 3 hour courses are perfect for children and teenagers. They cover the fundamentals of first aid, horse safety, vitals and more! Ask about our Fundamentals & I Can Learn courses.


Offering a 7hr course, Online fundamentals course and I Can Help course! We will take you through prevention, plant toxicity, basic nutrition, exercise, dental care needs, digestive emergencies, heart stop, fracture, spinal injuries and more! Please check out our canine section for more details!

I Can Help!

Have a horse crazy youngster? Sign them up for the 3 hour program. They will learn horse safety and basic first aid, in a fun hands on environment!

Online Theory

Online Theory Course, Emergency OR Advanced takes you through all the theory portions of the course with the option to take the practical aspects at a later time!

First Responders

Horse and Livestock Emergency Management for First Responders. A one or two day course teaches how to keep first responders and the public safe while dealing with livestock. Reacting in fires, natural disasters, escapes and more!

Safe Trailering

Is you trailer safe? Do you know what your horse is experiencing during a collision? What are the protocols, your responsibilities and liabilities? Join us for a one day course on how to keep your horses as safe and comfortable as possible and be prepared for the unthinkable!

Expect the Unexpected. Be Prepared

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